Cairdeas Vineyards - Lake Chelan AVA

A wonderful Southwestern facing slope with rocky soils. We are growing three varietals on this site, Clairette Blanche, Picardan and Syrah. Clairette Blanche is the most planted white grape in the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation and we are only the second vineyard in Washington State to grow this varietal. Picardan is a very rare white Rhône varietal and we are the only vineyard in WA state that has it. Picardan produces wines that are have a lightly floral nose with crisp acidity. Syrah is our favorite grape that is grown in Lake Chelan. We feel that the rocky soils on our property with the slope facing the lake make this an excellent site for Syrah. We don’t grow our syrah on a trellis… instead each vine is grown on its own post in a head trained style. We also have our Syrah vineyard planted in high density spacing 3×6 to create more competition between the vines and increase the concentration that we get out of the vineyard.

Varietals – Clairette Blanche (ENTAV 208), Picardan, Syrah (Joseph Phelps clone)