Cairdeas Winery

About Us

Cairdeas is an ancient Gaelic word meaning friendship, goodwill or alliance. We believe in all three. Good wine should be shared with friends, goodwill spread at every opportunity, and alliances created with those who share our passion.

Cairdeas Winery is a very small artisan winery started in 2009 by Charlie & Lacey Lybecker. Our winery was founded in West Seattle, but our hearts were calling us to the Chelan Valley. Lacey had visited the area for work and she convinced Charlie to vacation to the big lake and visit the surrounding wineries. After spending just one afternoon touring the Lake Chelan Wine Valley we had found our new home. Our focus is to create small lots of fantastic wines made from Washington’s best fruit while practicing sustainable wine making and supporting our local businesses.

A lot of people ask what the correct pronunciation of ‘Cairdeas’ is or how it is spelled phonetically. The simple answer is that there isn’t one! With the Gaelic language the pronunciation or phonetic spelling varies based on the dialect of the person saying it. Some of the variations we have found are: korr-djass, KAR-juss, and cargis. We pronounce it as Car-dess. The word holds a special meaning to us based on Charlie’s Irish heritage, Lacey’s goodwill (that is how we met), the alliance we have made with each other and those in our industry, and the friendships we have made along the way.


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Lacey & Charlie:


Charlie – Winemaker:

Charlie’s passion for wine emerged when Lacey and Charlie first started dating. What’s more romantic than a date of wine tasting or uncorking a new discovery with dinner? While Charlie has received formal training, he is mostly a self taught wine maker. His curiosity for what makes the wines turn out the way that they do (vineyards, barrels, yeast, wine making techniques) led him to talking other winemakers’ ears off (we were THAT couple on the other side of the tasting bar). After conversing with everyone he could in the industry and reading stacks of wine making books, Charlie started making wine for friends and family in true Garagiste fashion. Before they knew it Charlie and Lacey had a garage full of wine barrels and were talking about starting their own winery. Lacey encouraged Charlie to go for it and Cairdeas Winery was born.

Lacey – head of everything awesome:

Lacey has a marketing background in the nonprofit, hospitality, and events industries… which comes in handy when it comes to running a winery. She discovered the Lake Chelan Valley when she came here to assist with the opening of The Lake House (a condo resort) in downtown Chelan. After returning to Seattle and telling Charlie about the beautiful valley… and about the growing wine region… Charlie had to come and check it out. They’ve dreamed of Chelan ever since and made that dream come true in the summer of 2012. Along with helping in the cellar at harvest, bottling, working the tasting bar, sweeping the floors, and washing the glassware, Lacey is the guru behind all of the marketing and promotions that it takes to keep Cairdeas Winery going.

EugeneEugene – whinemaker:

Eugene Thomas Lybecker was born in December 2011 as the first Lybecker kiddo and a true whinemaker to the family. Eugene is a happy healthy boy and a continuous bright spot in our lives. While he can be anything he wants to be when he grows up, we hope that someday he will want to transition from whinemaker to winemaker at Cairdeas Winery and continue the family business. You may get to say hi to this little monster when you come and visit, as he frequently steps in as the official welcoming committee at the winery.


Every winery needs a good wine dog. Tannin is our greeting committee and is always excited to meet new people.

Tannin is a rescue dog from the Seattle Humane Society. We adopted him on June 11th, 2010. Tannin is a HUGE part of our family and we wonder how we ever lived without him.


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